How to contact production companies

There are a number of ways you could go about finding the company. Variety and the Hollywood Reporter have production listings weekly. In the case of Captain AmericaI happen to know that the production company is Marvel Entertainment.

Film & Television Production Companies for Screenwriters

You can find their number just be grabbing a Hollywood Creative Directory. The Los Angeles library has fairly recent ones. You might even be able to just call the reference desk at the central library and ask them to look it up. You can also find the HCD online, but it costs money. The best way to do this is to go to Variety.

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Share this: Email Facebook Twitter Reddit. Next A PA in Oregon. Have you heard of PA Bootcamp? Any thoughts? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.There are many ways to introduce a new product to the market, but if you don't have the experience, budget, tools or name recognition to get your invention on the shelves and into the hands of consumers, then you may find it easier to sell your idea to an existing company instead.

There are a lot of pitfalls to this approach. You may have a hard time getting an appointment with the right people, you may be concerned that they will steal your idea without compensation and even if you have the opportunity to give your new product idea presentation, you'll have to battle your own insecurities and gain the courage to confidently and competently demonstrate your idea. That's why it pays to research the process and be prepared for everything to come.

Many people assume the first step of presenting an idea to a company is to get a foot in the door with an executive, but before you do anything else, you should get some legal protections in place. It's advisable to get in touch with a patent lawyer who can advise you on whether or not your product is patentable and if it is, how to patent the idea. In order to obtain a patent, your idea must be fully developed, which doesn't always require a prototype although a prototype can help speed up the process by proving the idea is fully developed.

It is generally advisable to develop a prototype even if it is just a handmade mockup because this can not only help you obtain a patent but also aid in product presentations. A patent shows that you have a unique product that is fully developed, which can help ensure that a company will take you seriously.

More importantly, a patent will protect your idea because it means that you can sue anyone who steals your invention. If you attempt to obtain a patent, it can be beneficial to wait until the United States Patent and Trademark Office has approved your application, which can take a year or more, but even having a patent pending for your product can reduce the likelihood that someone will steal your idea.

If your idea is not original enough or not fully developed enough to obtain a patent, though, there are still things you can do to protect yourself. A lawyer can and should help you with this. A confidentiality agreement and nondisclosure agreement can help protect you from a company taking your idea by allowing you to take legal action against anyone who tries to steal your idea. Some of these contracts actually specify exact monetary penalties a company may face if it steals your idea, but it's worth knowing that many businesses will refuse to sign such documents before viewing a product idea presentation.

This isn't necessarily because they hope to steal your idea but instead because there is always a chance that they may have already had their own design or engineering team come up with a similar idea, and they do not want to risk legal action related to creative similarities.

Film Production Companies

While it can help to tweak your presentation based on to whom you are pitching your idea, you should always prepare a basic presentation ahead of time so you can be ready when you get a chance to present the product to a company. This is particularly important because while some pitch meetings may be scheduled weeks or months in advance, you may be given a last-minute chance to demonstrate an idea, and you don't want to scramble to come up with creative ways to present a presentation of your idea.

New inventors can get a lot of ideas and inspiration by watching Shark Tank or similar programs, but it's important to remember not to copy any product presentation example exactly but instead to analyze what works and what doesn't.

Aside from coming up with a prototype, you should also do other legwork to prepare your presentation. If you can't create a prototype, you should have many drawings and documents detailing how your idea works. You may also wish to conduct surveys of your target audience to prove that your product is an improvement over other products available on the market. It can also help to learn more about the manufacturing process and learn exactly what the company will need to do to make your idea a reality.

Come up with an elevator pitch that describes in only a few sentences exactly what your product is and how it differs from other designs on the market. This information can then be used to put together a one-page or two-page sell sheet that says:. Now that you're ready to present your idea to companies, you need to find companies to which you can present your idea. To start off, create a list of as many companies as possible that may be interested in your idea.

If you can only come up with a handful of relevant companies, think outside the box and consider businesses that might only be peripherally related. For example, if you're selling a board game, go beyond board game makers and consider book publishers or toy makers. Once you have a list of companies, short list the top five companies to which you'd like to reach out and research the contact information for these companies. Next, create an introductory letter to include in an email with your sell sheet and create a phone script.

Be sure to practice your phone script until you have it memorized before calling so you don't stumble over your words. Try to impart the fact that your idea could help the company rather than suggesting that the company can help you. For example, when you call, rather than asking "Is your company open to new product ideas? You might start with companies where you have an in, even if it's a friend's cousin or someone on LinkedIn.Download my filmmaker checklist so you can take action!

Successful filmmakers take time to establish a production company. In fact, it is an essential part of your filmmaking career. And given all the changes taking place in our industry, you should probably take a few seconds to step up your game. Making a film time consuming, challenging, and at the end of the day nobody cares about your film project more than you do.

Well, actually, people will care when you make it easy. More on this in a second. But first, check out this note. It is typical of the stuff filmmakers send me every week. Here is a recent example of what NOT to do:. My problem is, I have lots of great ideas for a movie. I thought about establishing a production company. I just want to make the movie. If I send you my screenplay will you produce my movie for me? I am going to be frank with filmmaking Frank. Aside from his unwillingness to go the distance on his film or at the very least, establish a production company — What he is asking is a very difficult request.

As much as I would love to read his script and spend the next three years of my life producing it into a film, I am currently focused on my OWN projects. And it may not make good business sense. Most agents, producers, directors and other filmmakers have a full plate of stuff they are working on. The only time they will stop what they are doing is if your project seems more promising than the one they are currently working on. A few months ago, I grabbed your filmmaking products.

Great stuff there. After going through the stuff, I decided to stop waiting for someone to give me permission. I went on to establish a production company. Then I talked with my lawyer, got some paperwork and then located a prospective investor. One minor issue. Happy to discuss a fair rate too, if it makes sense. In this example Filmmaker Frank took time to establish a production company and actually do the work.If you're unsure how to approach a film or television production company when marketing your screenplay, please click on Get an Agent for some sound advice.

If you'd like an example of a professional query letter to pitch your screenplay or television spec to Hollywood, click Query Leter to download one now. Meanwhile, hot shot agents and managers switch companies at the drop of a hat, so it's best to contact the company first to make sure they have not moved. Try to speak to a receptionist to confirm. C3 Entertainment, Inc. Lean Bldg. Cannell Studios Hollywood Blvd. Carlyle Prods. Carter Company, The Thomas W. Olympic Blvd. Castle Rock Entertainment N.

Maple Dr. Centropolis Entertainment Roland Emmerich N. Chancellor Entertainment Holman Ave. Chartoff Productions Sixth St. Chick Flicks N. Robertson Blvd. Cinergi Pictures Entertainment Inc. Cinetel Films Sunset Blvd. Cineville International, Inc. Santa Monica, CA fax. Classic Films, Inc Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA fax.If you're unsure how to approach a film or television production company when marketing your screenplay, please click on Get an Agent for some sound advice.

If you'd like an example of a professional query letter to pitch your screenplay or television spec to Hollywood, click Query Letter to download one now.

Meanwhile, hot shot agents and managers switch companies at the drop of a hat, so it's best to contact the company first to make sure they have not moved. Try to speak to a receptionist to confirm. Spike Lee DeKalb Ave. Abandon Entertainment W. Acapella Pictures Melrose Ave. Ste Los Angeles, CA tel fax. Crescent Dr. Ste Beverly Hills, CA tel fax. Los Angeles, CA Angry Dragon Ent. Dean Cain Washington Blvd. Angry Films, Inc. Apatow Productions W. Olympic Blvd. Appleseed Entertainment Amestay Ave.

Artisan Entertainment Colorado Blvd. Artists' Colony, The S. Asis Productions Jeff Bridges N. Atelier Pictures S.

how to contact production companies

Beverly Dr. Aurora Productions Melrose Ave. Ste Los Angeles, CA Automatic Pictures Wilshire Blvd, Ste. Avenue Pictures Santa Monica Blvd.

Starting Your Own Film Company – 5 Tips

Badham Co.Here we pull five bullet points from the discussion and elaborate further to offer you some perspective and hopeful directions to take as you try to get your script read. There are many, many of those. It has to be great. In fact, it has to be amazing. You can read every screenwriting theory book in the market, take every premier seminar and course, and study every great film and script out there and still not be able to come up with a definitive answer.

A great script in Hollywood is an accumulation of engaging concepts, characters, stories, and plotting. A hybrid of both originality and something that is going to attract major audiences.

And a great script is also about timing — being in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, and meshing with the current market needs and wants. One script may be dead in the water in the current market, only to come alive a few years later. Regardless, if the script manages to capture most or all of those elements, it will rise through the proper channels once it goes out. It will be passed from contact to contact and the buzz will grow.

So pay extra attention to what you release into the market. You need to hone your skills and take the time to find that amazing script within you.

And you need to know that it usually takes a few scripts before you write that one. Even the thought of an assistant at those agencies or major production companies falling in love with your script from a blind submission and taking it to their powerful bosses is rare. So all I would have to say about this — and I know that this is frustrating — is to get out there, hustle around, find people who do have relationships with other people… and if your script is good enough and they like it, they will somehow or other get it to somebody else who will get it to somebody else who will get it to somebody else and it will eventually end up in the right place.

Studios are constantly being sued by screenwriters seeing something on the big screen and saying that they wrote something very similar to that. The fact is, all screenwriters and filmmakers are influenced by what has come before, as well as all other types of fiction, news headlines, current hot topics, etc.

Novice screenwriters often have this fear of showing their work to others, thinking that their ideas are going to get stolen. Show it to everybody. The truth of the matter is, studios would rather buy your script than face lawsuits, bad press, and even more expensive settlements. Festivals like Sundance and Austin have become immensely popular and the film industry is ever present.

Sure, many of the key marketing events — VIP parties, etc. There is no single answer as to how to get your script read in or outside of Hollywood. The rest is up to the fates. A Red Ampersand Company. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Love The group discussed that age old question — How do you get your script read?

Build a SIX FIGURE Production Company

Free download! Screenwriting Resources:. On Sale! We are a boutique consultancy specializing in insider access to development executives at the best production companies and studios. ScreenCraft has been featured in:. Select Entry Type.This story appears in the July issue of. Q: How do you find a manufacturer to make your product? A: For startup entrepreneurs, there may be no more important question to ponder. Myriad considerations go into the manufacturing equation. Udall preaches due diligence at every step.

The decision, after all, will have a direct impact on the quality of your product, your company's reputation and the bottom line. When choosing a manufacturer, you'll need to consider the nature of your company and how well the supply chain supports its business model.

If you're a fashion retailer turning clothes out every six months, you need to be flexible and nimble, so you might look [locally] for a cut-and-sew manufacturer that can produce small batches of inventory on a very short lead time. No surprise, the internet is a good place to start your search.

Popular resources such as Alibaba. In most cases, it's wise to hire an agent, someone with expertise in assessing factory operations. When screening agents, look at their track record, find out how long they've been in business and talk to previous clients.

You wouldn't go out and pretend to be a lawyer. Udall urges entrepreneurs who don't hire an agent to visit prospective factories. Visiting a factory enables you to meet your prospective business partners and gauge the quality of their facilities and breadth of their services.

Ask about the size of the quality-control and engineering staffs. Find out whether tools are built on-site. Take note of organization and cleanliness. Lastly, be sure to provide proper documentation for your product--a meticulous accounting of its size, shape, weight, taste, color, smell and any other qualities the factory needs to know to manufacture it precisely as you intended.

how to contact production companies

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how to contact production companies

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